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Back in the year 2000 I was frustrated by my inability to get good information on home cost values in particular neighborhoods. This was both for myself (as a spec builder) and as a custom builder. So I started my own Real Estate Company.

As a custom builder, another value I add to the mix is to make you aware of which neighborhoods are mostly full of “cheap” homes and therefore not usually a good match for a custom home. If I build you a wonderful home in a neighborhood that pulls your value down, I haven’t done my job well.

Keep in mind the “cost” of a home is not its “value”. To be blunt, the value is what the bank can sell your home for if you get hit by a truck. If all the homes around you are selling for $100/sf, that’s about all yours will be worth, regardless of all the upgrades and even the nice in-ground pool you might have put in. You might get a small bump up, but your “value” will end up being below your cost.

This also allows me to offer real estate services to my clients who do not want to build. I do not do listings - call one of the other 400 or so agents in town, but I do offer true value in buyer agency for a personal home or if you’re looking for investment opportunities. I work hard to find you the best property for your needs, and get it at the best price possible.

 Don’t let your listing agent talk you into being your buyer’s agent. I’ve never been a believer in serving two masters, which is what a “dual agent” tries to do.

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